Ensure your healthcare organization software solution is up-to-date with the ability to quickly identify risk through automation and improve care to make better business decisions

Like most industries, healthcare is forever changing. With increasing access to a wide-range of data, healthcare organizations have real-time, accurate insights at their fingertips. The way that healthcare organizations use these insights is extremely important. How can you make your organization’s data actionable?

What is Predictive Modeling?

Just like its name sounds, predictive modeling is a tool used to gather predictive analytics through data mining, machine learning, and statistics to identify patterns in patient data and help predict the future chance of risk and occurrences.

Implementing predictive modeling helps organizations make better business decisions in the future by receiving automatic alerts about potential occurrences and the risk associated with the analysis of data. This value-based approach to healthcare encourages organizations to develop a more personalized patient experience which in turn helps a business grow.

Clinigence Health’s Predictive Modeling

Clinigence Health’s predictive models help our clients gain insights into their population so they can focus on individuals with the greatest need for health intervention or care management.

This is done through The John Hopkins ACG System’s predictive models, created using clinical frameworks relevant to health professionals and medical leaders. The models are distinguished from others across the market, featuring:

  • Clinical clarity and logic
  • Excellent statistical performance and adaptations and validations across US and international markets
  • Access beyond single diseases or care episodes to include whole-patient measures of multimorbidity, frailty, and medication use
  • A holistic view of a population

How Clinigence Health’s Predictive Modeling Works

Our system contains a variety of well-validated models that help system users across the globe understand future expenditures, gain insight into emerging risk areas and identify and manage patients by risk tier.

Most commonly, our clients apply the models that help predict:

  • Total cost
  • Pharmacy cost
  • Persistent high utilizer
  • Inpatient hospitalizations
  • ICU hospitalizations
  • Readmissions

Discover all that our system includes here.

The Benefits of Clinigence Health’s Predictive Modeling

Clinigence Health’s predictive models are calibrated for case identification, providing our healthcare leaders with a suite of tools to estimate future resource use based on the case mix of the enrolled population, which offers an improvement over more traditional models.

Essentially, our system’s predictive models dive below the surface of our client’s data to help make effective decisions by revealing essential context and nuances, minimizing and predicting the risk of outcomes, and proactively identifying and addressing challenges.

If you are interested in implementing a predictive model in your organization to improve future decision-making by combating risks, contact Clinigence Health today. Our system provides organizations with advanced analytics to optimize performance.


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