Clinigence Health Analytic Platform and Varmed Management integration will revolutionize population health management.

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Mark Bergen
VP, Sales and Business Development  

For Immediate Release:

July 20, 2023 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) – Clinigence Health, an advanced analytics and population health leader, announced today that Varmed Management, a Puerto Rican-based medical management company, selected its platform to help enhance its population health capabilities and patient care.

Clinigence Health’s partnership with Varmed Management honors the company’s commitment to improving quality of life and health outcomes through implementing advanced analytics and cutting-edge technology. Together, they aim to deliver unparalleled solutions to patients, ensuring seamless, whole-person care while reducing costs.

“The partnership creates an environment where high-quality care is accessible and affordable to everyone in our community. By integrating Clinigence Health’s advanced analytics into our population health management strategy, we can provide even more personalized patient care,” said José J. Vargas, Chief Executive Officer of Varmed Management.

Clinigence Health is thrilled to assist Varmed Management in its mission. Sophisticated population health management requires a platform like Clinigence Health that helps organizations enhance the care delivered to their patients by identifying opportunities to engage its physicians and its patients with data to drive continued quality improvement.  

“The healthcare industry continues to experience the loss of billions of premium dollars to overutilization and inappropriate use of services to the detriment of patient care. The transition to value-based care models requires organizations to understand the patterns of care and best medical practices that allow quality care to be delivered cost-effectively,” said Lawrence Schimmel, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Clinigence Health. 

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About Clinigence Health

Clinigence Health is a leading provider of population health analytics solutions that help medical groups, ACOs, and health plans improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and navigate the transition to value-based care. The company’s advanced analytics platform leverages the latest predictive modeling and risk calculation technologies to provide actionable insights that enable providers to deliver more effective care.

Clinigence Health is a Nutex Health Inc. affiliate partner. Headquartered in Houston, Texas and founded in 2011, Nutex Health Inc. (NASDAQ: NUTX) is a physician-led, technology-enabled healthcare services company with approximately 1500 employees nationwide and is partnered with over 800 physicians. Nutex Health has two divisions: a Hospital division and a Population Health Management division. Currently, the Hospital division owns and operates over 20 healthcare facilities in eight different states, equipped with highly trained medical professionals who provide concierge-level care to their communities. The Population Health Management division provides management, administrative, and other support services to affiliated hospitals and physician groups. 

About Varmed Management

Varmed Management is a fully integrated healthcare solutions provider. As a population health management organization, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients, improving quality of life through patient empowerment, improving healthcare outcomes, and reducing costs.


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