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February 12, 2024 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) – Clinigence Health, a leading technology solution for Payers, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Care Management Companies, and other providers of care, announced today the introduction of its business intelligence tool, QMX, designed to help healthcare organizations better realize their opportunities to improve patient care and reduce the overall cost of care.

“The development of QMX with our proprietary algorithms coupled with Amazon QuickSight for our business intelligence tool allows us to provide a level of analytics that is among the most advanced in the healthcare ecosystem,” said Lawrence Schimmel, MD, President and Chief Medical Officer at Clinigence Health.

In collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and leveraging Amazon QuickSight, a cloud-native, serverless, business intelligence (BI) tool, Clinigence Health brings healthcare organizations the solution to breaking down an immense amount of data into data-driven solutions. The newly introduced platform, QMX, enables organizations to streamline advanced analytics through a robust dashboard system and generative AI reporting capabilities. 

QMX features the combined elements from both the Clinigence Health platform and Amazon QuickSight. These features include access to:

  • Interactive and customizable dashboards and reports for key healthcare metrics and other relevant client data
  • The capability and flexibility to scale an organization’s analytics infrastructure based on the growing volume of healthcare data
  • Optimized costs unique to business’ needs
  • The immediate and guaranteed security infrastructure in compliance with healthcare regulations

“We are excited to bring our generative AI capabilities to Clinigence Health’s platform as they continue to innovate the technology they provide to healthcare organizations,” said Ben Schreiner, Head of Business Innovation for US SMB at Amazon Web Services. “In conjunction with Amazon QuickSight, the business intelligent software QMX will help organizations provide a higher quality of care through succinct, data-driven decisions with the streamlined process of extracting and transforming data.” 

Clinigence Health continues to honor its commitment to improving quality of life and health outcomes through innovation as it continues to launch new cutting-edge technology solutions to meet the needs of healthcare organizations.

For more information, visit Clinigence Health at or email to discover how your unique business may be met.


About Clinigence Health

Clinigence Health is a leading provider of population health analytics solutions that help medical groups, ACOs, and health plans improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and navigate the transition to value-based care. The company’s advanced analytics platform leverages the latest predictive modeling and risk calculation technologies to provide actionable insights that enable providers to deliver more effective care.

Clinigence Health is a Nutex Health Inc. affiliate partner. Headquartered in Houston, Texas and founded in 2011, Nutex Health Inc. (NASDAQ: NUTX) is a physician-led, technology-enabled healthcare services company with approximately 1500 employees nationwide and is partnered with over 800 physicians. Nutex Health has two divisions: a Hospital division and a Population Health Management division. Currently, the Hospital division owns and operates over 20 healthcare facilities in eight different states, equipped with highly trained medical professionals who provide concierge-level care to their communities. The Population Health Management division provides management, administrative, and other support services to affiliated hospitals and physician groups. 


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