Who We Are

Clinigence Health, Inc. provides turnkey SaaS solutions that enable connected intelligence across the care continuum  by transforming massive amounts of data into actionable insights. Our solutions help healthcare organizations improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of care, enhance population health management, and optimize provider networks. Clinigence Health enables all healthcare organizations to achieve their objectives on the path to value-based care.

Our solutions deliver actionable intelligence that create transparency on quality indicators and outcomes, and enable automation for engagement applications across all healthcare stakeholders through our partner ecosystem, which includes technology and service vendors such as care management systems, portal providers, reporting entities, and core administration systems.

Our company was forged as a startup business fusing clinicians and technologists together. It has since grown and now aims to be the recognized leader in healthcare analytics, known for our positive contributions to all stakeholders spanning the continuum of care.

Our working environment and engagement model is built upon transparency, accountability, and a commitment to delivering impactful and accurate data-driven results. We set high expectations and we execute with humility.

We strive to meaningfully impact a sustainable improvement in the delivery of care and the betterment of people’s lives on a national scale. To this aim, the team at Clinigence Health is committed.

Management Team

  • Warren Hosseinion, M.D., Chief Executive Officer
  • Fred Sternberg, President
  • Lawrence Schimmel, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
  • Charles Kandzierski, Chief Operating and Information Officer

Board of Directors

  • Martin Breslin
  • Mitch Creem
  • Mark Fawcett
  • Warren Hosseinion, M.D.
  • Jacob “Kobi” Margolin
  • David Meiri, Ph.D.
  • Fred Sternberg
  • Robert Chan, M.D.
  • Brandon Sim

Frequently Asked Questions

On March 22, 2019, Clinigence, LLC and QualMetrix Inc. merged to become Clinigence Health. We are very excited to join forces, and here are answers to frequently asked questions about the merger.

Why did Clinigence and QualMetrix merge to become Clinigence Health?

We came together to enable healthcare organizations to realize the full potential of population health initiatives and value-based care models, and ultimately to support the improvement of patient outcomes with the most cost-effective care. 

What does Clinigence Health do?

In healthcare today, successful outcomes are measured by two sets of data: cost and quality. Clinigence Health brings together both cost and quality data in one unified platform so our customers can make better data-driven decisions to achieve higher quality of care at lower total cost. 

What data challenges does Clinigence Health address? 

Value-based care is critically dependent on data. Valuable data exists in multiple, disparate systems, and its potential is often lost due to the difficulty for organizations to integrate all data types and sources necessary to innovate and optimize performance. Clinigence Health aggregates and normalizes our client’s multi-source data into our unified cloud-based platform, transforming it into readily available, actionable intelligence that supports critical clinical and financial decisions.

What has changed following the merger? 

Clinigence Health combines Clinigence’s wealth of clinical quality reporting and outcomes improvement tools with QualMetrix’s powerful cost and utilization analytics to provide our customers with a comprehensive view of healthcare cost and quality for population health and value-based care. Whether you are currently looking for clinical quality reporting or total cost-of-care management solutions, Clinigence Health ensures that you will have everything you need to succeed from a single vendor and a unified technology platform.

Who does Clinigence Health serve?

At Clinigence Health, we enable payers, providers, third-party administrators, and other healthcare and life sciences organizations to improve clinical and financial performance, assess, predict and mitigate risk, and to improve the quality and cost of care.

What is the value Clinigence Health provides?

Clinigence Health can help you leverage intelligence-based, results-driven insights from claims and clinical data, so you can deliver high-quality care — efficiently and effectively.